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Ametheo is focused on adoption preservation and support.  We call ourselves “Adoption Maintenance Experts,” and we strive to provide quality therapy and parent education while supporting the families through community relationship with other adoptive families. Ametheo offers clinical consultation to Adoption Competent Therapists and local agencies.  Currently, groups are being offered through Families First and Florida Mentor.  For more information please contact Marlynn Pharnes.


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Ametheo’s sister company, Intertwine Solutions, is a curriculum focusing on calming the brain/body response by utilizing sensory techniques to assist with work in the mind, will, and emotions. Intertwine focuses on the healing space between two individuals.  In order to create a relational healing space of love and safety, one must first bring a healthy self awareness into the equation. Until emotions are calmed, the mind cannot do ITS work to move the will forward to desire “to do” THE  work.  Sounds simple?  It’s easier than you think.

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Want to go deeper?  Find the relationship that fuels all the others.  Intertwine Solutions and Intertwine Spirit are coming soon!!