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 ABriLo is the home of Ametheo: Adoption Maintenance Experts and Intertwine Solutions.

Ametheo is a comprehensive service for adoption preservation and support. Through years of experience and education we are seeing lives changed!

Intertwine Solutions is a relational healing dynamic which is helpful to families and relationships of all kind.

In Home Therapy: This is not just adjusting the physical environment, but also utilizing the sacred home space to model healthy family interaction. The therapist also assists parents to adjust their discipline style.

Often parents are trapped in a cycle of using control oriented discipline to reduce behaviors which is more prone to activate the trauma response. Using relational healing, parents learn to discipline in a way that is designed to teach the child healthy ways of being rather than simply eliminating symptomatic behavior in the moment. Intensive treatment varies in time and intensity and is designed according to the family’s needs.

Adoption Support Groups:

Relational Healing Seminars:

Adoption Competency Training:

Clinical Consultation Groups: Ametheo offers clinical consultation to Adoption Competent Therapists and local agencies. For more information please contact Marlynn Pharnes.

ABriLo Enterprises

Intertwine focuses on the healing space between two individuals. In order to create a relational healing space of love and safety, one must first bring a healthy self awareness into the equation.

Within this program we focus first on the body, mind, will, and emotions of the individual.  We then progresse to the intertwining of the relational space with others. When we see ourselves as we are with all of our strengths and weaknesses, we have better realization of what we bring to the relational space. We are all able to realize issues needing renewal or repair in relationship. When we give ourselves grace to work on and receive our own healing, we are then able to reach out to assist in the healing of others.

Intertwine Seminars may be offered as a parenting seminar, marriage seminar, or family seminar.
Intertwine parenting seminars will be offered quarterly in our local area.
ABriLo Enterprises also offers Intertwine Spirit for local churches or parachurch organizations.

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